/create, /search and /assign documents directly from Slack

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TeamInk is a clean, powerful tool for editing, collaborating and managing all your team's documents.

A great Slack interface means that you can perform many functions right from the Slack command line!

  • /ink create <title> "<content>"
    Creates a new page named <title>. Content is optional and must be enclosed in quotes.
  • /ink search <term>
    Searches for a page containing the words <term>.
  • /ink assign @<term> <username> "<msg>"
    Assigns the page named <page> to the user named <username>. The <msg> is optional and must be enclosed in quotes.
  • /ink help
    List the full set of available commands.
Slack desktop

Features like our powerful full-text search are availble through the web interface or directly from Slack

No lock-in: edit and export in common markdown format from all your devices

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